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5 Things to do now you're engaged

Yay, your partner proposed and put a ring on it! Congratulations to you both! But what now? There’s so much to think of and everyone is asking so many questions! Well never fear, I’m here to give you my top 5 things to do once you’re engaged.


Enjoy it!

I’m betting that being proposed to has probably been the most exciting day of your life so far, so enjoy it! Take a moment (well, a few hours at least!) to enjoy being newly engaged and let it all sink in before sharing your news. Celebrate with your significant other over some bubbly or whatever else takes your fancy.

Keep it in the family

You may want to rush out and share your news all over social media and why not, you’re super excited right? But hold up, before you do, think about how your family and close friends might feel about finding out from Susan next door who’s just seen your bling on Facebook. Give your mum, dad, nan, bestie or whoever a quick call to let them know.

Do it for the ‘gram

Now your family and close friends know, get that rock on your perfectly manicured hand all over the ‘gram and sit back while the likes and comments of congratulations roll in!


Money, money, money

Ok, now for the sensible stuff. It’s best to get your budget set from the beginning so there’s no surprises or disagreements down the line. Make sure it’s realistic and factor in some contingency too for any unexpected costs that may crop up.

Be our guest

Have a think about your guest list early on as this will impact your venue options. You don’t want to look at intimate venues for 40 when you end up with 70 guests that are in the ‘must invite’ category. Likewise, if you look at venues for 100 but end up with a small wedding you don’t want everyone to seem lost in a huge room.

Planning a wedding is an incredibly exciting time but with so much to do it can become a little overwhelming. If budget allows, consider hiring a professional wedding planner, like myself, who will work with you to take the pressure off. If you'd like to find out more about wedding planning services available get in touch to arrange a no obligation chat.

Happy planning!

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