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When I originally drafted this blog the world was a very different place. Coronavirus was unheard of and we were busy going about our daily lives. Since then people have been asked to stay at home, no one is really driving anymore, flights have been grounded and many businesses have been closed. Not to mention the confusing messaging coming from the Government. While this may seem all doom and gloom, and at times feel it when we’re struggling with cabin fever there is one huge positive that has come out of this – the world is healing itself. World pollution levels have dropped significantly and nature is returning to parts of the world it’s not been seen in for so long. I really hope that when life returns to ‘normal’ we are all more aware of our impact on the world and can take small changes learnt from lockdown forward. So, grab your cuppa and get comfy, it’s now time for the original blog….

Climate change. It’s a hot topic, literally. And whilst there’s a lot that we can’t influence from big business and government there’s lots we can all do as individuals on a small scale that arguably could have an even bigger impact.

So what have weddings got to do this you may ask? In my view sustainable and eco-friendly weddings are the biggest trend of 2020 and I believe will continue to be for years to come. I’ve put together some ideas on how you can bring an element of sustainability to your wedding day.


Confetti shots are as popular as ever. Many venues have guidelines about what type of confetti can be used e.g. rose petals inside may be a no if they are likely to stain the floor so always check with them first. For an autumn wedding you could use a heart-shaped hole punch on autumn leaves to make your own confetti and for summer weddings lavender not only looks pretty but smells lovely too. Dried petals are also a lovely environmentally friendly option. And don’t forget the packaging you’ll put the confetti in. Why not consider some baskets for the ushers to hand around which you can use again after your wedding. Alternatively I love this idea below from The Little Wedding Helper of using pages of Harry Potter books to create confetti cones.


More and more florists are moving away from the traditional oasis foam used for flower arrangements to foam-free alternatives. Ask your florist if this is something they are able to do. Using flowers that are in season will not only save you some big bucks but is better for the environment too. Ask your florist for their recommendations on more sustainable flower options and incorporate some these into your flowers.


I love stationery and beautiful wedding invites are no exception. Ask your stationer if they are able to use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. Alternatively you could look for plantable seed paper wedding invites which your guests can plant in the garden after your wedding (wildflower favours). If you want to go a step further then e-invites could be for you. You can still have fun with e-invites – set up a website with all the info, design a cute e-card you can email out to your guests or if you’re feeling more adventurous you could even make a video invite! Not only is this eco-friendly but it could save you money too.

Food & drink

One of the best parts of the day in my eyes as I’m a bit of a foodie! Speak to your venue or caterer about whether they can provide locally sourced and seasonal produce. Many people now also opt to eat less meat so you could consider a vegetarian or vegan menu. Trust me, vegetarian or vegan doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless – caterers can produce the most amazing dishes that even an avid meat-eater will love! English wine and sparkling wine is giving it’s old world vineyard competitors a run for it’s money so why not consider this for your reception drinks and wedding breakfast.


Wedding favours are a wonderful little touch to your day. Hand-baked goods can be packaged in an eco-friendly way, use glass bottles for alcohol favours that can either be reused or recycled, seeds in recyclable packaging, mini plants or making a charitable donation to a charity close to your hearts (even better if it’s one that supports the environment).

As you can see there are so many options for bringing an element of sustainability into your day and there are many more too!

So, whether you are looking to have a fully eco-friendly wedding or just incorporate some elements into your day I hope this has given you some great ideas.

Happy planning!

Gem xx

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